Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lucky 7 Meme!

I received this "Lucky Seven Writing Meme" from the lovely Farrah Penn.

Here are the rules for the Lucky Seven Meme:

*Go to page 77 of your current MS/WIP 

*Go to line 7 

*Copy down the next 7 lines (sentences or paragraphs) and post them exactly as they're written. No cheating. 

*Tag 7 authors 

*Let them know

This is from Book 3 in my YA fantasy series, currently titled THE CURSED BLESSING. (Conversation between Holly, my MC, and her father.)

  “Fair? You dare to say ‘fair’ to me? Only a few days ago I sat at what I feared was your deathbed. And now I find out you and your brother snuck out and entered a tournament.” He paused, pressing his fingers to his temples as he rose once more to pace the room. “Fair would be for your two to behave yourselves and stop giving me and your mother grey hair! Holly, entering as a man in the tournament—”

            “I never actually said I was a man—”

            Her father continued as if she had not spoken. “Your mother would be ashamed if she were here. I can’t imagine what she will say when you return home.”

I'm tagging...


  1. Oooooh, that sounds like Quite A Conversation!

    Now I have good incentive to hit pg 77! (If I throw my WIP into doublespace, I'm close...hehe)

  2. I am so intrigued by this conversation! Sounds like there was some fun to be had right before it!

    I am not sure if my current WiP is up to 77 pages yet. I might have to sneak into my second WiP that I'm pretending doesn't exist until my first WiP is finished...if that made any sense I'd be surprised.

    And you tagged Rebecca! Now must search for my writerly peeps.


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