Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Farewell to summer!

Goodbye, summer. It was nice seeing you. :-)  My kids are back to school now (started back last week!) because the school district decided to start two weeks sooner and get out two weeks sooner. It's been a strange adjustment to go from my kids around all day long to having a quiet house for 6 hours.

If you missed what I've posted on Instagram or Twitter, this is what happened this summer while I taught at an awesome summer camp. (Eureka Ministries)

-Taught at Cooking Camp x 2
-Went to the cheap movie theater x 2
-Crocheted a few hats
-Sewed some baby items for a friend
-Celebrated my husband's birthday
-Saw "Star Trek: Into Darkness"
-Saw my little sister as Ariel in "The Little Mermaid"
-Took a walk with llamas with the summer camp
-My oldest son got a concussion
-My good friend from college got married and my sister and I were the wedding photographers!
-Taught "The Science of Superheroes" at camp. I dressed up as Batgirl.
-Was part of "Local Author Night" at Mrs. Nelson's Bookstore in La Verne, CA. 10 authors and lots of fun!
-Read a bunch of books (of course)

It was a very full summer! (For pics, you can check out my Instagram feed.) It's nice to be home now and get the house organized, closets cleaned out, etc.

As for writing, I'm outlining ideas for more "Tales of Gymandrol". I've been researching fairy tales that I want to reimagine into something else. I'm revising some picture book manuscripts that I wrote. I want to *finally* finish the YA contemp story I've been working on for almost two years (in between other projects). I should probably set some firm goals for word count, dates to be done with writing, sending it out to agents/pub houses. Probably being the operative word.

How about you, book friends? Any writing goals you've set for yourselves?