Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cover Reveal: THE BOY WHO LOVED FIRE by Julie Musil

Cover Reveal: THE BOY WHO LOVED FIRE by Julie Musil

I met Julie when we both went to an author dinner at the fabulous Dana Elmendorf's home. Julie is very sweet and her blog is wonderful for writers to get tips from. Her YA novel THE BOY WHO LOVED FIRE has a cover!

Designed by Jeff Allen Fielder
Manny O’Donnell revels in his status at the top of his high school food chain. He and his friends party in the mountains on a blustery night, sharing liquor and lame ghost stories around a campfire. The next morning, as a wild fire rages in those same mountains, Manny experiences doubt. He was the last of the drunken crew to leave the cave, and he’s uncertain if he extinguished the flames. Within hours, he becomes the number one arson suspect.

Santa Ana winds + matches = disaster. You’d think he would've learned that the first time he started a fire.

As he evades a determined arson investigator, Manny, a modern-day Scrooge, is visited by ghosts of the past, present, and future. He’s forced to witness the fate of his inadvertent victims, including Abigail, the scarred beauty who softens his heart. Manny must choose between turning around his callous, self-centered attitude, or protecting his own skin at the expense of anyone who gets in his way.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Book Release: AGAINST HIS WILL by Nancy Kelley

Book Release: AGAINST HIS WILL by Nancy Kelley

I'm excited to tell you guys about a new Austen-esque book written by my friend Nancy Kelley! It's the third in her series entitled "The Brides of Pemberley." Nancy is one of the co-founders of the amazing site "Indie Jane" - dedicated to all things Austen! Nancy can write authoritatively about England because she was just over there for six weeks (most amazing holiday ever!!). We both like Dr. Who, Shakespeare, and Jane Austen.


Sebastian Montgomery never thought he’d inherit a title. Quite comfortable in his role as the family black sheep, he has made a life for himself as one of England’s most valuable agents against Napoleon. Now he will be expected to remain at him as the Earl of Lisle, fulfilling all manner of domestic duties... starting with finding a wife and ensuring the continuance of the family line.

Kitty Bennet met Seb when he was just Mr. Montgomery and quickly developed a crush on him–
feelings she now assumes will remain unrequited, as an earl is out of her reach. Sebastian however has no interest in a grand alliance. If he must marry, he will choose a wife with the capacity for intelligent conversation. Kitty’s gift for witty banter draws him to her; any affection he feels for her is simply an added bonus.

But their potential happiness is threatened by someone they don’t even know: the man who killed Sebastian’s grandfather and uncle. When the danger becomes real, Sebastian realizes that, almost against his will, he has fallen in love with Kitty. Can he solve a decades old family mystery in time to keep her safe?

You can buy a copy (I did!) on Amazon for the Kindle or on B&N for the Nook.

Check out Nancy's other titles:
  HIS GOOD OPINION (Mr. Darcy's story) and LOVING MISS DARCY (Georgiana Darcy's story).

Friday, October 4, 2013

What's Next?

Hello! I know it's been a while since I last blogged. Life has been busy. That's good. My boys are both in Scouts, I've been subbing, I've been crafting, cleaning the house, organizing closets, working on volunteer things at my boys' school. Y'know. Life.

But! I do have something fun to announce. (Though "announce" seems too fancy a word for this.) My friend Jessica Grey (amazing author!) and I are both Janeites and love Pride and Prejudice to the nth degree. We've decided to attempt a collaboration on writing a newer version of P&P. Scary, right? And amazing! I just started the outline and sent it over to Jess. She'll add her thoughts and then...I don't know! The story has been in my head for so long, it's going to be hard to get it all out on paper (screen) without my mind oozing from the pressure of it finally being relieved. (I talked out the outline to my sister as we were driving up to Big Bear Lake for Labor Day weekend.)

I'm also going to the SCBWI Editor's Day tomorrow at Cal State Fullerton. I hope to see some of you there!

Saturday, October 12 is the Big Orange Book Festival. I'll be speaking at 11:00 a.m. on the Storytime panel. Please come by and see me as well as all of the other authors who'll be there that day. (It's supposed to be super cool!) (The festival runs from Friday night to Sunday.) There's also an app so you can schedule who you want to see that day.