Friday, October 26, 2012

Blog Tour: Post 1

This kicks off the Blog Tour for THE HIDDEN BLESSING! 

Post 1 is over at "Laurie's Non-Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews." Thanks for having me, Laurie!

You can still pre-order THE HIDDEN BLESSING  from TLT Publishing with coupon code: thb12mb2 to get 30% off!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Still editing...

Hey there! I'm still editing Book 3 and making preparations for the book launch for Book 2. I also have been busy crafting! I'm making some fun things to give away as part of the book launch
celebration. (You'll see them soon.) I'm halfway done with Book 3 edits. I really like how Holly and Donovan are both fleshing out into more developed characters. <3

And just so you know...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Setting up a blog tour

Hello friends!

I'm currently setting up a blog tour for THE HIDDEN BLESSING, which releases November 1, 2012. If you are a blogger/reviewer and would like to be included, please let me know in the comment section below. :-) The tour will run from the end of October to the beginning of December.

Let me know if you would like to host an interview (with me OR with a character from my book), ask random questions in a "this-or-that" fashion (my favorite!), host a guest post from me about writing, reading, or whatever else you'd like me to write about (I have LOTS of stuff to choose from - baking, crafting, sewing, photography, I like to do lots of stuff...). If you have something special on your blog that you'd like me to talk about (if you always host a music day, for example, and want me to give the soundtrack for my book), let's do that.

SO many options!

And remember that you can still request an ebook ARC (advance review copy) of THE HIDDEN BLESSING for review here.



Trailer for Book 2, THE HIDDEN BLESSING, is here!! 
The book will be released November 23, 2012!


Thanks to my actresses, Emma C. and Tiff A. for agreeing to be "Little Emma" and "Big Emma." You both were perfect! <3

Music credits go to Kevin McLeod at with "The Path of the Goblin King."

Pre-order THE HIDDEN BLESSING now at the 
TLT Publishing Co. site

Use coupon code: thb12mb2 to get 30% off your order.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Competition - GIF

Competition (in GIF format)

I'm a competitive person. Watching Jeopardy!, I'm quick to say the answers. Play Cranium with me and it's no-holds-barred. But how does that translate into the publishing world?

It doesn't.

That's right. Authors shouldn't be competitive with other authors in the sense that we are fighting with one another over selling books.

We need to remember that people don't buy only ONE book. They buy many books. There's room enough for all of us in our genres.

So...if we're not being competitive, what should we be??
Encouraging. Supportive. Buy books! Go to author events! Tweet about good books you've read. Blog about books your kids have read.

Go to the library and talk to the librarians about good books. (They can't read all of the books! They need recommendations!) Talking about books doesn't cost money. It just takes your time and energy. And if that can help someone else, do it. They'll appreciate it.

Case in point. Today, I went to my local Barnes and Noble (there's only one bookstore in my town and it's B&N) to buy MARK OF ATHENA by Rick Riordan. My 9 y.o. son has been counting down the days until it came out. While I was in the children's department, I spied a MG (middle grade) novel that just came out today.

KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES by Shannon Messenger. She's an incredibly sweet person and I love this book!! (Highly recommend it for ages 9 and up. Even adults!) An employee asked if I needed anything and I proceeded to talk about Shannon's book. She said it sounded interesting and that she would read it. She said she's always looking for new books to read and point out to customers. See? Five minutes out of my day. Painless. Fun. My work is done. ;)

(And I'm going to Shannon's launch party tonight at the B&N in Oceanside. Come join us!)

So, people, pay it forward. And be happy.