Monday, May 9, 2011

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge - Motherhood

I decided to enter the "iheartfaces" photo challenge this week. The theme is "Motherhood." Being a writer and a mama is hard to juggle at times. This photo sums it up pretty well.

"My Little Distractions"

My sister took this photo at the Fullerton Arboretum. I was working on my story and my kids were there with us. I had wanted my sister to take photos of me for my website and my kids decided to jump into the photo. This pretty much sums up my life. ;)   *I love my boys*

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My fantastic cover!

The ΓΌber-talented Matt Maniscalco did the cover art for The Seventh Blessing. I love it SO much! It's exactly what I wanted. :) Many thanks to my publisher, Randi Ertz, for picking the perfect artist for my cover. I love The Little Things Publishing Company! :)

Here was my wording to Matt:
"I liked the idea of using a scene from the book as the cover art. An important scene is Samantha discovering her secret blessings while in the castle’s library.
My idea for The Seventh Blessing is a medieval-type gown with the back of the dress facing out, the side of Samantha's face (just for an idea of her coloring, etc. but vague enough to let the reader's imagination work), her hand grasping a scroll (either rolled or unbound), and looking upset/confused/something else?? Background bookcases set far enough back that they aren't competing with her (her being in the castle’s library)."

I sent Matt LOTS of pics of book covers that I like as well as other inspiration photos. (Sorry Matt about the deluge of photos!) ;)  He was able to sort through all of my meandering thoughts and came up with....
This sketch made me gasp out loud. "WOW! It's exactly what I wanted!!!" I love this so much. :)

And here is the final cover! 
I am so appreciate for all of the hard work Matt put into the cover art. This will definitely sell this book! :)

Final edits were done by the talented Farrah Penn, turned in, and the cover art is approved. The Seventh Blessing is slated to come out this summer! I'll keep y'all posted about what happens next.  

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