Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Free Kindle Book!

The first book in my YA fantasy trilogy, THE SEVENTH BLESSING, is now *free* on Amazon.com for a short time! Hurry on over and pick it up. And, you know, read it. Love it. Tell your friends about it. All that good stuff. <3

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Book 3 in The Tales of Gymandrol series

Hi friends!
I'm happy to say that all of my YA fantasy books are now available on Kindle, including the 3rd book in the series, THE CURSED BLESSING. Here's a bit about it!

Can a rebel princess break the curse before it breaks her? 

As the youngest daughter of King Edric and Queen Chrissy of Lagola, Holly’s blessing ceremony is anything but ordinary. Her blessing—or curse—condemned her to keep her word or otherwise face dire consequences. The result forced her to grow up as an honest, forthright girl, making her an anomaly with courtly life. 
Now sixteen, Holly would rather spend her time camping, pulling pranks, and perfecting her archery skills with her brothers instead of dressing up and attending royal balls. In hopes of changing Holly into more of a lady, King Edric takes both Holly and her brother, Rowan, to visit the neighboring country of Shald for Prince Donovan’s birthday celebration. But things go awry when Holly disguises herself and enters the archery tournament Prince Donovan has hosted in order to determine the top ten archers for his dangerous quest to save his kidnapped sister. Holly ranks within the top ten and because of her cursed blessing, she is forced keep her word by joining Prince Donovan, Rowan, and a crew of other worthy gentleman on a treacherous quest to seek the missing princess. 
But upon gathering leads for Prince Donovan’s missing sister, Holly and the crew stumble upon dark happenings that threaten the peace in the north of Shald. Holly must find a way to cope with her growing feelings toward Prince Donovan, unravel the darker mystery of the north, and, perhaps, seek to save not only a princess, but an entire country. 

Full of adventure, romance, and magic, THE CURSED BLESSING is the final installment in Melissa Buell’s Tales of Gymandrol trilogy. 

And all of The Tales of Gymandrol are available on Kindle for only 99cents!