Thursday, July 9, 2015

Writing Tips

I have a friend who recently asked me for some writing tips that I wished someone had told me when I started writing. Here's what I sent back to him. What do you think? Agree? What are some tips that you would pass on to a new writer?

So...thoughts on being a writer...

-I wish someone had told me how many drafts go into writing a story. There's the first draft and you rejoice that it's done! And then you read it and wish someone had told you what a terrible writer you are. A friend talks you off the ledge and then you revise and rework the story. You re-read this second draft. It's not so awful. Maybe you can still save it. Seven drafts later, you're pretty happy with the story you've written. Writing is an act of passion. Editing is an act of patience. 

-Not everything you write will be published. And that's okay. I've heard of people who have never shown anyone their first attempts at novel writing. 

-Make sure to have a support group of readers/editors that will tell you the truth. It's a great thing to have friends to encourage you and listen to your plot twists and character shenanigans.

-Write a story that you want to read. If you don't, you'll hate it each time you read through it. But don't write something so precious that any attempts to change it / edit it will lead to you self-combusting.

-Write what you know. This is a tried and true fact. If you don't know about xyz, it will show on the page and the reader will know that you don't know what you're talking about. Pause the writing, research the time period / clothing / weapons / readings of mass spectrometers, and then continue writing with confidence.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Austen Tea at Mysterious Galaxy

I happily hosted an Austen inspired tea party at Mysterious Galaxy bookstore on June 27. It was so much fun! We ate scones, drank tea, and talked about Jane, her books, pop culture, reading, and many other topics. It's wonderful to get out and meet other Austen fans.

Thank you to Maryelizabeth at Mysterious Galaxy for allowing this to happen and to all of the JASNA (Jane Austen Society of North America) friends who came out to the tea. I hope you enjoy your copies of HOLIDAYS WITH JANE: SPRING FEVER.

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