Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011: Year in Review

2011. Wow. This has been a terrific year. I'll display it in pictures! (A picture is worth a thousand words, right?) ;)

I started the year posting about query letters. (I don't like query letters. I haven't met any authors who does.) But!! The good thing is that one of those query letters ended up with some very awesome people at The Little Things Publishing! Which led to...

Winter Camp with the youth group. Came home to find a message on the machine from TLT Publishing. Danced around the kitchen like a maniac. Full post here.

Signed official contract! Woohoo! AMAZING feeling. I was finally able to tell everyone about it!

I went to the first book signing I've ever been to and met a "real life" author! ;)  Patrick Rothfuss!

Went to my first ever writer's conference through SCBWI. Met some super cool authors and writers! (No photos, unfortunately.) 

Attended the Renaissance Faire for the first time with my awesome friends who also like to dress up.

Got some GREAT ideas for a book I'm working on. Plus, archery! Horses! Epicness! Twas a great day.

Went to the Young Adult book day at the RT conference in Los Angeles and met Farrah Penn, my fantastic editor!

Also met Ally Carter, one of my very favorite authors.

I had a lot of fun walking around, meeting book bloggers (Diana!), other authors (saw Patrick Rothfuss again!), and just being with fellow book people.

Saw my cover art for the first time!! Matt Maniscalco is so very talented and I'm so grateful to be with a publishing company that allows the author to have input about the cover. 

Galley edits were done on THE SEVENTH BLESSING. Yay! Farrah is the best editor I could have wished for.



Lots of interviews, blog posts, book reviews happened because MY BOOK WAS RELEASED!! August 15, 2011. Yep. Super happiness was flying about. :)

Book Signing on August 20. That was super cool. :)


Finished edits for Book Two in the series. Yay!! again for Farrah as my editor. (Truly, people, she's wonderful.) Renamed the book. (Ugghh!!) It is now named THE HIDDEN BLESSING.


I wrote a children's book and entered it into a contest. (Wait and see about that.)

Did an "Author Day" at a local middle school and received fan mail!

Christmastime! Did a lot of things, just like everyone else. ;)

-In short-
I read a lot of books this year, edited two books, started writing three other books (none finished!), finished writing a children's book, did multiple sewing projects and craft projects, volunteered at my son's school, served as a youth group leader and Sunday School teacher...and did lots of laundry, too. :)  Took lots of photos of my kids, played Lego Star Wars with them, read them books, cleaned their room, all that stuff moms do. ;)  Went to Santa Barbara twice with the hubs, to Temecula, to Idylwild, and to the beach. (And thankful for family for watching the kids when we were able to get away to S.B. and Idylwild!)

I have to say that I think my life is rather awesome. Busy, yes. Hard at times, yes. But! I know that all things work out perfectly to His purpose. And that's what is truly amazing.

Happy New Year to all of you!


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