Friday, December 2, 2011

Finding My Blog??

So, the search terms people use to find my blog are rather entertaining at times. And very awesome at other times. Here are a few recent ones. :)

"Taylor Swift 13" / "Taylor Swift Concert Stage Tree 2011" / "Taylor Swift curtains"
-I get a lot of hits on my blog because of Taylor Swift searches. I went to a concert in August (and blogged about the amazingness of it all!) and consequently get a lot of traffic from it. And I love that.

"To Read or Not to Read Tshirt"
-I don't have a shirt like this but I'm glad it brought someone to my site. Maybe I need a shirt that says this.

"He is turning 5 today"
-Yeah, my son did turn 5 recently. But why someone would search for that term and it would take them to my page...yeah, I don't know.

"Book Review"
-YAY! That makes me happy. People finding my book blog and wanting to read book reviews. :)

"Imagination Personality Test"
-Um. Okay. I'm not sure why this came up I do talk about imagination. I did post about taking a personality test. But the two together...Interesting.

"Different marbles"
-Haha! I took a picture of awesomely colored marbles and posted it for a "Photo Friday" one time.

"Guinea Fish Patrick Rothfuss"
-I got to meet the super amazing author Pat Rothfuss at a book signing in Huntington Beach. He told us a hilarious story about his pet guinea pig. You can read the blog post about it. My friend drew him a picture of a guinea fish. It was fantabulous.

"Seventh Blessing Book"
-Again, YAY! for people looking for my book. That's an amazing thing. Really and truly.

So, that's my fun little post today. :) Maybe internet searches make you laugh too.


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