Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Awesome Authors...and their books!

I get to work with some pretty cool people because of The Little Things Publishing! Like...

SM "Frankie" Blooding

She's hilarious. You should subscribe to her Twitter. More about Frankie here. AND you should buy her book! :)  Check out my interview with her here.

Paul Schumacher

Such a nice guy! And a Star Wars nerd. (Sorry, Paul, I had to mention it!) His book is also a YA fantasy novel! Put it on your "to buy" list! More about Paul here. Read my interview with Paul here.

Kerry Castorano

She's a mud runner! (Something I can never hope to be...) Get to know more about her awesome fantasy novel VALREN and more about Kerry here. Check out my interview with Kerry here.

Sang Kromah

Gorgeous model, amazing writer, what can't she do?? Her YA novel CONCEALED is about a girl, a djinn (a genie!), and lots of mysterious happenings. Go buy it! :) More about Sang here.

JD "Jimmy" Gordon

Jimmy's adventure book DARTBOARD is an exciting read. Check it out! Find out more about Jimmy here.

Geeta Schrayter

Geeta's tweets are a lot of fun, too! Her novel REACHING RIVERDALE is a sweet, fun read. Pick one up today! Find out more about Geeta here.

As I interview more authors, I'll post more blog posts about them and their awesome books! 
Let me know if you've read any of these books.
All of these books are available at The Little Things Publishing online bookstore as well as and Barnes and Noble. Check your local indie bookstores, too. Many will be happy to order it for you. :)


  1. I read 'Reaching Riverdale' and got to interview Geeta -- we discovered we're long-lost sisters!

    Valren is on my To Read list :O)

  2. Great writers inspire me so much. They're some of the most awesome people here on Earth. All my life, I've always dreamt of becoming a writer. You people give me that motivation! =)


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