Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beach Camping

Every year my husband, sons and I go camping at the beach with our church youth group. This year we had 26 teens, three other leaders, and a master chef (our pastor) who went to Doheny State Beach. We were able to get the group site and it was fantastic! We walked about ten feet from our campsite and we were on the beach. The weather was good for the most part. It rained for a bit on Sunday (which was SO weird) and was very windy two of the days we were there. The food was excellent, the conversations were great, the time spent all together was really amazing. We have such great kids in the youth group. And my plans about writing and reading? Yeah, about that. Didn't happen. Not that I mind. We had fun doing group games, cooking, taking photos, talking to each other, listening to the preaching, acting in skits. It was one of the best Beach Camps I can remember. Here are a few pics (from the 897 taken on my camera!) highlighting the trip.

My little sister and I

My husband's "birthday cake" made by two of the girls at camp


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