Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Book Signing - August 20

My first book signing will be Saturday, August 20th from 3-5 p.m. at Book Carnival Bookstore in Orange, CA. The address of the bookstore is 348 South Tustin Street, Orange, CA 92866. Major cross streets are Chapman Avenue and Tustin Avenue. (Near the 55 freeway)

Books will be available for purchase at the store or if you have already bought a copy of The Little Things Publishing Co. bookstore, you can bring that in and I'll sign it. :)

I hope to see you there!

Book Signing FB RSVP page

Book Carnival Facebook page

Information about the book signing from Book Carnival's Newsletter:

Saturday, August 20, 3 p.m.

We're trying something new with a group signing of six authors, some new, some not... we'll have refreshments and we'll be raffling off gift certificates and some books! Joining us to discuss and sign their books will be:

Melissa Buell, THE SEVENTH BLESSING, a young adult fantasy about Samantha, princess of Mittra, a land where newborns are blessed by resident fairies with various life-long gifts. By luck, Samantha is granted six talents not generally considered becoming for someone of her gender and status. 

When NothingCarol Costa
, WHEN NOTHING ELSE WAS RIGHT, a singer on the run with a new identity and money stolen from the mob. Dana Sloan is on a quest to make things right for the terrified girl and a family torn apart by tragedy years earlier. Carol has written everything from plays, short stories, romance paranormal and mystery.  She has two series, Dana Sloan mystery series and Ask Aunt Emma, her paranormal series.

Cat ChaseJennifer Jacobs Peters, CAT CHASE, a romantic suspense, is about a cop and a call girl. What do they have in common? They're after the same killer. Cat Chase reveals a past and present that includes dirty lawyers, a corrupt judge and the mafia. 

Passion for PryingNancy Mangano, A PASSION FOR PRYING, Natalie works as licensed PI in her father's agency, and aches to work a case of substance. When a murder-suicide takes place at a nearby diner, Natalie decides to get involved. Nancy is returning to BC for this event!

Meg & CharlieJoan Marsan-Murphine, MEG & CHARLIE: A JOURNAL--SOMEWHERE ALONG THE WAY, a tale of beginnings, endings, and an unusual second chance. Written in journal form, this is a wonderful read about love and the ability to move on from failed relationships and find love again. Joan is one of our book club members.

Fireflies & ShadowsTenny Wilson, SHADOWS & FIREFLIES, a young adult historical novel. Thomas Pesche was born in a German enclave in Mexico, and endures a love-hate relationship with his cantankerous grandfather, Wilhelm Pesche, an ex Nazi Youth director. Thom senses he is left out of many family secrets. WWII is a topic Tenny is very familiar with--she enlisted shortly after Pearl Harbor!


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