Monday, August 8, 2011

Book Reviews!

I've had so many fantastic book bloggers interested in my book! Here are links to several reviews. :)

All reviews are honest opinions from book bloggers. They never get paid or compensated for posting a positive review. Electronic copies of the book were sent to the reviewers for review at no charge to them.

From "To Read or Not To Read"
To Read or Not To Read - The Seventh Blessing

"A Word's Worth" review
A Word's Worth - Review of TSB

From "Book Sake"
Book Sake - Review of TSB

From "Vy's Blog"
Vy's Blog - Review of TSB

From "Simply Stacie"
Simply Stacie - Review of TSB

From "I Eat Words"
I Eat Words

So...if you like what you're reading, go ahead and pre-order my book! Order my book now! :), Barnes and, and your local independent bookstore

I'll also be at Book Carnival Bookstore on August 20th for a book signing. Info here.


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