Saturday, August 6, 2011

I Got My Book!

My publisher sent me a few copies of my book yesterday. The UPS man set it on the porch, I ran out of the door, grabbed it, and tore into the package right away! (We were watching a TV show and my husband said, "Don't you want to finish the show before you open it?" *smirk*) 

And I, of course, was so fantastically happy about seeing it in the flesh (in the paper??). Yay!!! :)


  1. haha, Love this pic :o) I don't blame you! I'd rip into the packaging of my book too! ;o)

  2. I think I will continue to let my cat be my mascot. When my book comes in, I will see if I can get him to pose with it long enough for me to take the picture.


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