Monday, August 22, 2011

Melissa-ish Monday - First Book Signing!

Today's question is, "How was the book signing??"

My first book signing was on Saturday and it took place at Book Carnival bookstore in Orange. The owner, Anne, is a wonderful lady. She invited five other authors (plus me) to take place in her first ever multiple author event. Yay! We sat in twos at three tables. We each talked for a few minutes about how we started writing and what our book(s) are about. There were about 50-60 people there. My husband and kids were there, my mom and stepdad came, my sisters, my niece, my mother-in-law, friends from church, friends from my son's school. SO many lovely people! :) I got to meet some new people, give away bookmarks, SIGN BOOKS. Yes, that still feels very weird. In the best way. I have books to sign and people who want to buy them. Surreal.

Short answer to the question above - "Awesome." ;)


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