Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer Fun

My husband has three weeks of vacation time this summer. Yay! We spent the first week at the beach (last week) and this week was mainly spent at home. We did go to...

(My aunt works there and was able to sign us in. Thank you!)

And on Saturday, we joined our friends in the "Saturday Soccer Game." Basically, it's a bunch of people, little kids up to middle aged people, who play a LONG game of soccer together. I haven't played soccer (seriously played soccer, not just kicking the ball around) in more than 10 years. Last time I played, I was a summer camp counselor. One of the other counselor's took a goal kick, missed the goal and hit me in the face full on with the ball. I woke up on the ground, staring up at the blue sky. Nice. I haven't played since then.

So, I conquered my fear (and the fact that I ALWAYS find a way to get hurt) and stepped out onto the field. Five minutes into playing, one of my friend's (who is good!) kicked the ball hard guessed it...hit me in the face. Right in the nose/mouth/cheek. Instant tears. Holding tears in check. Thankful I was wearing sunglasses so no one could see my tears. "Are you okay??" Choked back tears.Tried to smile. Wanted to run off the field and quit playing. Stayed on the field, sucked it up, kept playing. I didn't score any goals but I did finish the quarter. And then I quit. :)  My friend Abby caught a photo right after the ball hit me.

Our vacation (besides getting hit in the face) has been great so far. How's your summer?


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