Monday, February 4, 2013 gifs

I'm editing Book 3 right now. It's hard, guys. I wrote this book completely differently than Books 1&2 in that I used a storyboarding technique for the outline. Which was super cool for writing the first draft. But then...I needed to edit it to add more details and feelings and thoughts. These are the things that storyboarding is not good for.

Here's how it goes:

Writing 1st draft

Re-reading 1st draft

Sending it to my editor (who is awesome!)

Getting back editing notes

First round of edits

But then...second round of edits

Continuing on edits...not knowing the right words to add

Questioning stage: Why did I even think I could be a writer? *cue freak out*

Husband looking at me, trying to understand

Me, explaining myself

And he's like:

But then I get more coffee

And eat cupcakes

And remember to breathe.

I then start editing again.


  1. Good. Glad you're editing some more. Because, totally selfish of me I know, but I neeeeed more story ;o) <3 !!!

  2. This blog post is amazing. Ahh, I know how hard editing can be, but I also know this book is going to be pretty darn amazing when it's finished! <3

  3. Liz Lemon, Aragorn, AND peanut butter cup cupcakes - does life get any better? I'm morphing into a story border. Love seeing the shape of the whole story in colors etc. on my giant white board.

  4. That was awesome and fun ;-) I wish you all the luck in the world with that editing, and a pat on the back to your understanding husband.
    Kisses from Spain.


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