Friday, February 15, 2013

Photo Friday! Ally Carter signing

Photo Friday!

On Monday, my husband, boys and I went to see Ally Carter at the Barnes and Noble in Glendale, CA. All of the seats were filled and people were lined up on the back wall. Ally entertained us with tales of writing and answered questions from the audience before signing books. I brought ALL of my Ally Carter books to be signed. (She's one of my favorite authors.) She willingly signed them all and chatted with me and my oldest son. He was very excited to meet another "real" author.

The newest book out is the third book in the "Heist series", PERFECT SCOUNDRELS. I just finished it last night and WOW! It's so great, guys. Kat and Hale are perfect for each other and the plot line...No spoilers, of course. Just...go read it. If you enjoy books about smart girls, clever thieves (who are actually the good guys!), and just plain awesomeness, read the Heist books. Tagging on to that - also read the Gallagher Girls books! The sixth book is coming out this fall and promises to be a wonderful ending to the series about girl spies.


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