Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Top 10 Tuesday: Bookish Memories!

Today's "Top 10 Tuesday" is about "Bookish Memories." I have so many! (I hope I don't offend anyone by leaving you/events/books out.)

Listed in random order (the things that pop into my head!)
1.) Leading writing workshops, talking about being an author to students at schools. <3 Getting "fan mail" from those students!!

2.) Book Signings - All the signings that I've had that my family and friends have gone to - oh! Love to you all and to the book stores hosting events!

3.) Getting The Call from my publisher, TLT Publishing - I was signed for a trilogy! One of the Best Days Ever!

4.) Attending ALA Annual in Anaheim last year - Again with the book loving people!! Met up with author and blogger friends, met some fantastic authors, had books signed. (I wish I had more pics from this!)

5.) Going to RT Teen Day in LA - I met my editor, Farrah, at the RT Teen Day in LA. I'd emailed and talked on the phone to Farrah for months and then she came to LA. We were able to hang out and I met Ally Carter!! She signed some of my books. She's so sweet! I've never been to a book event with SO many authors, books, people! It was crazy but it the best way. :)

6.) Met Lisa Schroeder and Lindsey Leavitt - They had a signing in Santa Monica. They are so much fun to talk with!

7.) Went to Shannon Messenger's book signing - I took my kids and they had a blast! Cupcakes, a great book, chatting with friends.

8.) Attending Book Expo America BEA last year - SO AMAZING. I roomed with Erika and Tirzah and met a lot of bloggers, authors, lots of great book loving people. I actually talked to John Green! (I made up my mind to speak to authors and not silently fangirl and kick myself later for not speaking to them.) <3

9.) Getting The Email from my publisher, MeeGenius! - I was in public when I got this email and I tried very hard not to freak out and cry as I getting into the elevator while reading the email that they were going to publish my children's book.

10.) Met Jessi Kirby, Morgan Matson, and Jenny Han - They had a signing at Huntington Beach in the summer. It was a great time!


  1. That is a remarkable list. I would love to have just one... okay, I really want all ten :D

  2. Your list made my day. The writing community rocks!


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