Monday, February 25, 2013

Melissa-ish Monday: Birthday

Saturday was my birthday! Yay! But I was sick. Boo! I decided I didn't want to spend all day in bed so I pulled up my socks and took some more cold medicine and we went out to dinner. :-) The hubs and I went to Downtown Disney and ate at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen restaurant. Good food, like always. We were able to sit right by a window and here was our view!

The Lego Store and right in front is a HUGE figure of Prince Phillip battling Maleficent as a dragon. Best seat ever!

Not my best birthday ever, being sick and all, but it's still better than my 9th birthday when I woke up with the stomach flu. 'Nuf said.

I hope you all have a splendid week!


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