Thursday, January 31, 2013

March Book Signing

Hello book friends!

I'll be back down in San Diego on March 30th for a signing at the amazing Mysterious Galaxy bookstore! Both of my YA fantasy books THE SEVENTH BLESSING and THE HIDDEN BLESSING will be there. I will be signing with YA author Stacey Joy (author of JULIET IMMORTAL).
I have a feeling I will bring cupcakes. And possibly cookies. Maybe Rice Krispy treats. 'Cuz, you know, I like to make yummy stuff.
If you like YA books, fantasy books, non-prissy princess books (warrior princess!), come on down!

Mysterious Galaxy Event Page


  1. You are on the go with your signings. Super! Fingers crossed for a great turnout.

  2. Oh, to be on the West Coast ... alas, the whole of the nation separates us ... I love my little corner of the Southeast, but mercy: I miss out on some awesomesauce signings :o?


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