Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Year in Review: 2012

So, everyone is posting their "Year in Review" for 2012...so I thought I'd do the same.
(My goals for 2012 post)
And, as per my usual, I'll show you in pictures! :-)

In January, I received this:

My first children's book was accepted for publication! SO excited!

Finished writing Book 3 of my YA fantasy series, THE CURSED BLESSING.
Storyboarding Book 3

We went to the Reagan Library in April and had a great time.

Went to the Renaissance Faire in April for the second time.

I did the A-Z Blogging Challenge for the month of April! It was fun!

Went to the "Summer Lovin' Book Tour" and met Jessi Kirby, Jenny Han, and Morgan Matson.

I had a book signing at Blue Chair Children's Bookstore


It was for Book Expo America (BEA). Such a wonderful couple of days! You can read my posts about being there for the full story. I was able to hang out with some fun book people, make new friends, and see the sights of NYC.

And I went to ALA in Anaheim! I met more bookish people and had even more bookish fun!

Went camping at the beach in July

Went to Legoland

Went to a book signing for Lisa Schroeder and Lindsey Leavitt

Traveled to Las Vegas for my grandpa's funeral in August

Went to the SCBWI Editor's Day and heard some great advice from editors and agents

My children's book SOMETIMES MY BROTHER BUGS ME was released!!

Went to Shannon's book signing for KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES


My husband and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary!

My second book THE HIDDEN BLESSING was officially released...and then the printing was delayed. It was fixed and should now be out in the hands of readers! :-)

I had a book signing at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore down in San Diego. What a great place! I had a fantastic time.

So, it's been a terrific year when I look back on it. I am still subbing, still writing, still crafting, still taking photos, still baking, still cooking...and taking care of my family, of course. Did I complete my goals for 2012?
I read 117 books. (I was aiming for 100, so yes!)
I finished Book 3 in the series. (Yes!)
Continued working on my YA contemporary story. (But didn't finish...so, no.)
House is more organized! My whole crafting closet still looks great! I'm able to finish projects more quickly now. (Yes!)
I attended BEA this year. (Yes!)
I attended several other conferences this year. (Yes!)
Didn't go to Yosemite this summer. (Couldn't get reservations!!)

Goals are good things to have. My goals for 2013 will be similar. Read, have fun with family and friends, write more, craft, attend writing conferences. And take photos. Lots and lots of photos. ;-)

Have a great 2013!

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  1. The Cursed Blessing?! Oh stars ... Can't wait for that :oD


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