Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Summer Lovin' Book Tour"

I am SO excited!! Last night I was able to go to the Huntington Beach Barnes and Noble to hear Morgan Matson, Jenny Han, and Jessi Kirby read from their new books, answer questions, and then sign books!

Morgan Matson is the author of AMY AND ROGER'S EPIC DETOUR and SECOND CHANCE SUMMER.

Jenny Han is the author of THE SUMMER I TURNED PRETTY series.

Jessi Kirby is the author of MOONGLASS and IN HONOR.

And she wore red boots to the signing!! 

They were all excellent readers and their books all sound great. After the reading, they did a Q&A with each other (to get all of us geared up for questions for them). Some of them were SO funny! For example, Jenny asked, "Date, kill, or marry. Voldemort, Nagini, Dobby." !!! You could only pick one circumstance for each character. Most people chose to marry Dobby. As Morgan said, "Well, he really likes socks. And he's good at cleaning!" :) Deal breaker. Jessi asked some "this or that" questions to the other ladies. Jenny also asked about their summer romances that they had when they were teens.

They opened the floor for questions. Of course I asked the first one. *blush* "Was the first book you wrote the one that got published?"
Morgan: "No. The first one I wrote was about 500 pages long and it was only halfway done. It's in a drawer where it will never see the light of day. And that's for the good of everyone."
Jenny: "Yes. SHUG was my first book that I wrote while in college and it was published."
Jessi: "Yes. MOONGLASS was my first book to be written and published."

Lots of other questions from the audience about writing, favorite books, favorite authors, etc.

And then, the signing!!! I was the first one that got there so I was the first one to get my books signed.
I also introduced myself as an author after they recognized me from Twitter! :) :)
"Didn't you tweet about coming here?" "Yes!" *fangirl moment*

(I didn't get a pic with Jenny because she had a long line of people waiting for her to sign their books. *sigh* Maybe next time!)

I have a few friends that weren't able to come (seeing as they live in other states!) and were bummed about it. I offered to see if I could get some bookplates (that I made) signed by Morgan, Jenny, and Jessi for them. And the ladies did it!!

^^Ginger and Shanyn^^ Jessi recognized your names from Twitter! " that  G Reads? I know her!" "Yep! And Shanyn is Chick Loves Lit." "Oh yeah! She tweeted about it!" So cool! See, people, authors are awesome people who recognize readers and fans!

Two of my SCBWI friends, Dana and Jessica, were also there. Dana was telling Jenny that she had written her a fan letter. Jenny: "Did I write you back??" Dana: "Yes! It was great." Jenny: "Oh good!" :)

They are just the sweetest group of authors. I hope that you can get to see them as they go on their road trip for this tour. You can find more info about it and where they'll be on their websites or on Twitter. They'll be at Book Passage  and  Copperfield Books this week!

PLUS! We got some awesome swag! Earbuds and a music playlist for each book. A bottle of sunblock named "Burn for Burn - Don't Get Burned" for Jenny's new book, written with Siobhan Vivian, BURN FOR BURN. Also, the first chapter of BURN FOR BURN.

Each author had bookmarks and postcards for us to take. I am so glad that I went!


  1. YOU ARE SO AWESOME! Thank you so so so much (and I LOVE the bookplates that you made)!!

  2. Oh goodness.. HOW FUN!!! thank you so much for getting the signed book plates for me. That was such a sweet offer & adore you for it! These 3 ladies are among my top favorite authors. What an awesome experience that must have been to sit with them & chat :)


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