Friday, May 11, 2012

Getting Ready for BEA [2]

Getting Ready for BEA [2]

I'll be making a series of posts as we get closer to BEA (Book Expo America) in NYC.

This one is going to be covering all of my latest "wonderings" about what to pack.

I've read blog posts and watched videos about what to wear and what to pack. (I've been to some...distasteful blogs, too, unfortunately, during this search. Be careful about the ones you click on when you do a "BEA" search!! Some of the ads in the sidebars are...icky to say the least.) GOOD BLOGS - The best ones I've read/seen on this topic are: Miss Remmer's Reviews , Electrifying Reviews (Alex is SO nice and helpful!),
La Femme Readers. (If you have read others, please let me know! I'll include them here.)

--For great resources about what BEA is/what to expect (from BEA 2011): Poisoned Rationality, BEA Official Podcast , BEA Countdown.

List of "stuff" to bring to the Javits Center
(based on what I've read and heard)

-Granola bars, cereal bars, fruit snacks, etc. to snack on
-Hand sanitizer, handy wipes (I'm a bit of a germaphobe so I'll be well stocked with these!)
-Bottled water
-Beef jerky, dried fruit, other food to eat so as not to buy expensive food being sold
-Camera and extra batteries
-Cell phone, stocked with phone numbers of people you want to hang out with
-Tylenol/Advil/Excedrin for the inevitable body aches of carrying around 20-50 lbs of books. ;)
-Business cards
-Bookmarks/swag (as an author)
-A lightweight sweater or a hoody (depending on how fancy or casual you're dressing)
Flats with a cushiony insert with be the best from everything that I've read.
Flip-flops aren't that great because your feet will be filthy. Do you really want to meet professionals with your feet looking like Fred Flintstone?? No.
Don't wear sneakers because you'll look like a bag lady if you're wearing a cute skirt...and sneakers. ;)
And do not, I repeat, do NOT wear heels of any sort. You'll be limping around and carrying your shoes. Nice.
-Band-Aids or moleskin for the back of your heels and the blisters that might ensue from walking so much.
-A backpack to carry books in while you're walking around the Expo. I've been told they give you bags but just in case they run out, you should bring your own.
-A rolling suitcase. You can check this in at the Expo, secure it with a little lock, and then fill it up with books throughout the day. At the end of the day, you can roll it on down to the Post Office and mail the books back home via Media Mail. (They also have a FedEx and UPS set up right in the Javits Center but it seems to be rather pricey. I'd rather walk to the USPS and ship my books for $18 and get them in 2-4 weeks than pay upwards of $50 and get them as soon as I get home. But that's just me.)

*Does this mean you have to bring TWO suitcases when you go to NYC?? No! I'm already bringing a rolling suitcase for my clothing. I'll empty it at the hotel (hanging up my clothes, obviously), and bring the suitcase with me to the Javits Center. At least that's the plan for Day 1. We'll see how well that works. If it is in the way or I don't end up with tons of books, I won't bring it back for the rest of the Expo.

**The other option for bringing your books home is to not pick up too many, pack them in your suitcase and fly home with them. You could also bring them home as a carry on in your backpack on the plane. Just a few thoughts for being more frugal. :)  (Check with your airline about weight limits, of course.)

So, this is what I've learned so far. I'll add more posts as I learn more about the awesomeness of BEA.


  1. Be aware of the shoe insert thing! I had flats that were pretty comfortable but decided I should put an insert in just to be on the safe side - got blisters on the tops of my feet because the inserts rose my foot enough that the top of the shoe irritated the top of my foot!

    1. Good point, Shanyn!! I'll have to make sure the inserts work out before I get to BEA. :)

  2. Couldn't agree more about the suitcase, as even with the best of intentions, I still brought home waaaaay too many books! And trust me, they won't run out of tote bags! I actually had people handing me bags as I walked by! :o

    I'm going to bring a couple bottle of Snapple, then refill them at the water fountains. That, some granola bars as a snack, and then grabbing lunch at the hot dog cart out front worked for me last year, so plan to do the same thing this year.

    Now I just need to find a good pair of shoes, as no matter how comfy they are, I somehow wind up with blisters. :(


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