Monday, September 5, 2011

Melissa-ish Monday - Labor Day Edition

Happy Labor Day!

We spent our Labor Day...laboring. Yup, cleaning out the garage, tossing broken stuff, sorting through cupboards, sending old things on to be loved by someone else (otherwise known as The Goodwill Bag). I love organization and it disturbs my brain to have things out of place. Our third bedroom is our office/book room. We have more books than bookshelves which means some books are stacked in plastic bins on the floor. This makes my brain hurt if I look at them. I get distracted from writing because I keep thinking, "If we were to get more shelves, the books would be up off the floor. We really can't fit more shelves into the office. So that's why the books are where they are. Leave it alone and pay attention to what you're writing." (I talk to myself quite frequently. Usually it's in my head, so it's all good.)

The office seems to be the dumping ground for stuff that no one else knows what to do with. Frustrating? Yes. But today I tackled the little piles in the room and I am victorious! Once I find the USB cable for my camera, I can take pictures and post them. My craft closet is looking SO good! I can find things once again. My brain is happy once more. :)

Have a happy week!


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