Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Setting Up Author Day Appearances

I am so very blessed to have good friends that know librarians! There are several school librarians that would like to have an "Author Day" at their school and...they want me to be that author! :) :) :)

My mind instantly did that thing (that it apparently loves to do) where I think, "Yes! Awesome! Talking to kids about books and writing! Three favorite things: kids, books, writing." Then my mind shoots the other way and thinks, "But...what do I SAY? How do I talk about books without sounding like a complete nerd? How do I tell them how I write and not bore them to tears?" And then I'm back in super-excited mode - "I know! I'll make it a writing workshop sorta thing! I'll show them how I outline a story, come up with creative names, all that fun stuff."

So. Does that sound like something that would interest you? Or your child? Or a child that you know?? ;) I don't remember ever meeting an author when I was in middle school/jr. high age. Or even as a high schooler. I'm sure there must have been some in the area. (I grew up in Southern California, not the middle of nowhere.) Why didn't they ever come to our school?

That's something that is a big deal for me - being active in the community. Especially when it comes to education. I frequently volunteer at my son's school because it helps the kids and helps to create  a sense of community, even a family with the people who are with my son for hours each day. I'm not preaching at anyone to spend a lot of time volunteering at a school. But you should volunteer somewhere. Find a community activity or event that strikes your fancy. What are you good at? I'm good at talking to kids and talking about books so that seems like a good niche for me.

That's my challenge for you! Go out and get involved! And love it. :)


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