Saturday, June 25, 2011

Book Trailer Contest!

Who likes to make movies? How about book trailers? (Basically, they are commercials for books.)

You have the opportunity to create a book trailer for THE SEVENTH BLESSING, my YA fantasy novel, and the first book in The Tales of Gymandrol series.

The summary of the book will be posted below the contest guidelines.

So, here's what you do:
• Create an amazingly brilliant book trailer 1 to 2 minutes long. (Attention kinda falls off after the 2 minute mark.)
• Post your trailer on YouTube with the phrase “Seventh Blessing Book Trailer Contest” in the title
• In order for your trailer to qualify, you must post the link to your trailer below (in the comment box on my blog), your name, your blog address, and your Twitter name (if you have one).
• You may also post trailers on Facebook, personal websites, blogs, etc. but remember, in order to qualify as a submission the link must be posted on my blog
• Once the trailer is posted, notify me by emailing me at 4melissabuell(at) When you notify me, please attach the actual video file and the link. Also include a valid email address and name so I can contact you if you win.
• Get as many people as possible to COMMENT, COMMENT, COMMENT on your link on the blog.
Tweet and RT your link! :)
• The creator of the winning trailer will be awarded an autograph copy of THE SEVENTH BLESSING and bragging rights all over Twitter and Facebook!
• Anyone, any age, can enter this contest. Just follow the YouTube code of conduct and other such important information.
• Submissions must be posted by 11:59pm, EST, August 1, 2011.
• Videos will be uploaded to the The Little Things Publishing website and Melissa's site as well
• Winner will be chosen by Melissa. (Though my family will probably have some input. As well as comments on YouTube and Twitter.)

-Music,  images,  and  video  clips  integrated  into  the  video  must  be  legally  licensed  either
by obtaining the copyright holder’s permission, using materials licensed through Creative
Commons  licensing,  or  using  entirely  original  content  created  by  the  teen(s)  submitting
the project.

What else? Have fun! Oh, and I like sparkly things. And imagination.

My fantastic cover!


Not all fairy blessings are enchanting . . . 

Unlike most royal eighteen-year-old girls, Samantha finds it difficult to be a prim and proper princess. When she discovers her seven fairy blessings that were bestowed at her birth are a lie, her entire world is turned upside down. Although she can forgive the feuding fairies who made this large error on her behalf, she must find a way to control her real blessings--which may be more trouble than its worth. 
Things start to become complicated when her best friend's brother becomes seriously injured just weeks before the annual knight competition. Samantha realizes the only way to help him and his family is to enter the competition by disguising her true identity. Balancing her mandatory princess lessons while hiding her secret blessings on top of this becomes difficult, but things begin to get challenging when Prince Nolan, a childhood friend, reenters her life. Samantha, bitter about their constant bickering relationship, suddenly begins to see Nolan in a new, and often confusing, light. 

But when she finds out her seventh blessing has yet to be decoded from the ancient tongue, Samantha's most dangerous quest of all is discovering the true power her real blessings hold. Now, the fate of herself, her future, and her kingdom lie in her hands. 


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