Saturday, June 11, 2011

Galley Edits and Publicity

Hello happy readers!
I finished all of my galley edits and turned- oh, wait. What's that? What's a galley? No, it's not just a type of kitchen. A galley is the mock-up of what the book will look like when it's printed. The title page, "front matter" such as ISBN, copyright info, publishing info, etc., dedication page, acknowledgments page, and the entire story. This process is VERY important because if there's a mistake, it'll show up in the printing. We don't want that. So. I spent a very long few days reading the galley very closely. I turned in my edits and now it's on to publicity!

I "met" my publicist, Caroline Elsea via e-mail and phone. She's very sweet and excited about my publicity campaign. (I have a campaign! What?!) She's setting up book signings and arranging for those people who would like to receive ARCs to get them. (If you would like to receive an ARC (advanced reader copy), see my previous post about getting one. If you would like to see a book signing in your town/city, let me know! :) (Maybe I can arrange something.)

I'll keep y'all posted when there's more news on the book front. For now, I'm editing my second manuscript, the sequel to "The Seventh Blessing." It's due to my publisher on August 1 so I better get crack-a-lackin' on that...


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