Thursday, June 28, 2012

ARC Giveaway Time!

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll have seen that I'm giving away some ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) of books I received at Book Expo America (BEA) and American Library Association (ALA). These are books that I've already read and I'd like to pass on to others to read and review them.

**If you're not going to read them, please don't enter to win. If you're not going to review them, please don't enter to win.**

Reviewing a book is as easy as posting up why you liked it on your Goodreads review, write about it on Facebook, tweet about it. If you start reading the book and you know you're not into it, please pass it on to someone else!! Pay it forward! :)

Check out my giveaways on Twitter: @Melissa_Buell  (You don't need to follow me or do extra posts or anything like that. Just @ me with your name, etc.)

I'll be giving away at least one ARC per day until they run out. :) (This could last for quite a few days!) Most of the ARCs are YA novels. Several are signed by the author.


  1. Thanks for your generosity, Melissa. I'll bet your bookshelves are heaving a sigh of relief.

    1. Haha! Yes, they have been heaving at my lately for burdening them down. ;)


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