Monday, June 11, 2012

BEA - Day 2

BEA Volume II

Day Two

Up early for the Children's Authors Breakfast with Chris Colfer, Lois Lowry, Kadir Nelson, and JOHN GREEN!

I bought the $25 ticket (cheap seats) but it was still enjoyable. :) There was laughter, tears, and many thought provoking moments.

Chris Colfer

Lois Lowry

(If I can post the videos I took, I'll do that soon.)

And then...
-I got in line to meet Bakerella of CAKE POPS fame. She is very sweet! :)
-I met Ridley Pearson, author of KINGDOM KEEPERS as well as a new adult thriller.
-I met Lincoln Peirce, author of BIG NATE (for my son)

BEA Pics

The Javits Center

Cool stamp set from the 1930s

I was standing around, waiting for friends to have lunch with me. I saw Kristi (who I met the night before at the Teen Author Carnival). "Hey, what're you doing?" K: "Going to have lunch." Me: "Me too...Want to have lunch together?"  K: "Sure!" We met Erica and Tiff along the way and went to a pizza place up the block. It was SO SO good!! We saw the crew from Reading Teen there and ate with them, along with the West brothers and Kelsey.

I attempted to get in line for Veronica Roth but OH MY!! The line was crazy long. I then attempted to see Rachael Ray and the same thing happened! I got in line and they JUST ran out of books. I didn't pout about it, though. I pulled up my big girl socks and walked on to find more books and friends. :) :)

Post office once again and then headed back to the hotel to rest. Erika and I then went exploring to the Empire State Building. My 9 y.o. wanted me to take a photo of it. So I did. :)

The ceiling!

 Dinner at the hotel restaurant which was good because it started raining! Stayed in and went to bed early.


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  1. great empire state pics, sounds like a very busy time...


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