Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Melissa-ish Monday: Indiana Jones Party edition

Happy Monday! (or not so happy. Daylight savings, losing an hour of sleep, blah.)

Indiana Jones Party! 

Saturday was the day of the Epic Indiana Jones Party! My 10 year old wanted to be Indy and I was happy to comply with this request. (My ringtone on my phone is the theme song to Indiana Jones.) I found LOTS of ideas for party games, decorations, food, etc. on the interwebz. I couldn't do all the things because of time, money, enthusiasm, working 4 out of 5 days last week. The party was still fun.

I love making cakes for my kids' parties. I searched for an Indy figure to put on top of the cake. I could not find one and time was running out. I asked my husband to go to the grocery store bakery and ask if they had an Indiana Jones cake decorating set (it could happen, right??). He walks in to the store and THERE at the bakery counter is a fully decorated Indy cake, ready to go! What?! He called and asked if he should buy it, of course I said yes, and we had a great cake and no more stress! I made some cupcakes so we would have enough sweets. 'Cuz everyone loves cupcakes, right?  (And I wish I had more pics! I'll have to see if my mom has some.)


Vines and streamers hung from the tree in our backyard. An old steamer trunk with old books, a clock, a candle set up. My son's friend dressed up as Indy. (Face blurred for anonymity.)


Dressed up!
My awesome husband dressed up like Indy! (Leading the "Guess the Weight" game)

"Snake Pit Crawl"
"Treasure Hunt"
"River Dash"
"Guess the Weight of the Golden Monkey Idol"

A fun party and my son and his friends all had fun. Goal met.

Updated word count (keeping accountable!) 540 words. That's all. Very sad. I'll work on getting this up this week. For reasons about such small word count - see above post. ;)

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  1. Yay for word count goals and Indy. We had an Indy party many moons ago. I remember burying treasures in the sand box for the kids to dig up. Our cake was NOT anywhere near as cool as yours.


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