Saturday, February 18, 2012


I was recently introduced to the awesomeness that is John and Hank Green, nerdfighting brothers. They have a vlog channel on Youtube that is SO funny. I waste too much time on Youtube but this is worth it!! :) What is "nerdfighting"? You'd have to watch the video on it. And then join Nerdfighteria. And take a quiz to see which kind of nerd you are. I'm a "writing-type nerd." Yeah, I know, big surprise. ;)  (Warning - I haven't seen very many videos so there be some that are not appropriate for younger audiences. All the ones I've seen have been fine but...a little caution, you know.)

One of my favorite quotes (that John does SO well!) is, "And the English nerd would be like, umm, 'I know a lot of Shakespeare quotes!' *John's side note* Using the English nerd when you’re playing Nerd Fighters is kind of like using Toad when you’re playing Super Mario Kart."

Sadly, this is true. :)  Throwing Shakespeare at a football player will not stop him from rushing you. Fact. Be careful out there, my nerdy brethren. 

And, of course, Don't Forget To Be Awesome.


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