Friday, February 17, 2012

All These Things I Do

I haven't been blogging as much lately because I've being doing...other things. Yes, even writers have real lives. (As much as I would love to write all day long, that's not a possibility.)

I devoted these last two weeks to Getting Stuff Done. You know, all those annoying projects that get started and then you have to clean them up because friends are coming over so you throw them into a bag and throw the bag into a closet and promptly forget all about that project until you're searching for that random thing you put in a "safe place" and you stumble upon the Best Project Ever Thought Of! that you never actually finished? Yeah. That's what I was doing. And I cleaned/cleaned out my house REALLY well. Two big bags to the Goodwill well. Lots of vacuuming and dusting well. And I have pictures to prove it! :)

Project #1 - Curtains for my bedroom
I found the fabric that matches my bedspread at Joann Fabrics about a year after I bought the bedspread. I was SO happy to find it because they didn't sell the matching curtains at Target (where I bought the bedspread). I really wanted matching curtains! Because I'm Melissa and I'm like that. So, I sewed some curtains and put them up. *go me!*

See the matching bedspread? And matching curtains? See the happy Melissa? ;)

The curtains are made up of the front and reverse fabrics of the bedspread. (Stripes/flowers)
Project #2 - Necklace Holder
I bought this photo memo board for $2 at the Goodwill. I didn't like the fabric and it was missing buttons. So...I decided to do something to it!

Reverse side of memo board with wrong side of fabric facing up in preparation for hot gluing the edges.

Hot glued the edges of the fabric down.


Space out the tiny nails and hammer them in to hang your necklaces so they won't get tangled up.

Nail to the wall!
(Um, nice view of my shoe rack. Yes, I don't have a lot of shoes. Big, wide feet = not many cute shoes available. Tragic? Not so much. More $ to spend on books!)
Necklaces! They are there. Most of them are silver so they just blend in.

Project #3 - Valentine's cookies
I saw these kinds of cookies at the bakery in the market and I thought, "I need to make those!! And so I did for Valentine's Day!

Chocolate chip cookies with whipped vanilla frosting in the middle, dipped into chocolate and then sprinkled with Valentine's Day sprinkles. <3

And I've been writing on Book 3. So...yeah. That's what I've been doing the last two weeks. What's up with you guys?

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  1. Come over to my house and do those same projects. I got distracted by the disgusting garage today. At least I was brainstorming the end of my WIP while I swept up a mountain of dust and yuck.


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