Thursday, January 26, 2012

THIS made my day!!

THIS just happened. I opened up my email and...


Dear Melissa,

This Spring (before 4/1) you will be contacted by a MeeGenius editor who will assist you in getting your manuscript ready for production. Once the manuscript has been edited and finalized, you will be paired up with the MeeGenius illustrator who best suits your style, and your manuscript will become a reality.

We are so thrilled at the number of wonderful submissions we received, and glad you were one of the entries! We'll speak with you this spring about launching your book on MeeGenius!

Look forward to working with you,
The MeeGenius Team
©2012 MeeGenius, Inc | 10001

And like this:


My legs were shaking and I almost starting crying. But I was in public and my boys were with me. And I didn't have any tissues. So I held it in. Now I can squeal! *runs around screaming*

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