Monday, January 23, 2012

Social Networking Sites

I read an awesome article lately about social networking sites. Basically, it said to make sure you're on EVERYTHING. Because you never know where your readers might be. Are they on Twitter? Get a Twitter account. And use it. ;)  Are they on Facebook? Post regularly on FB. Do you have a Youtube channel? Make one. How 'bout Tumblr? Flickr? Photobucket? etc. etc. etc.

I went down the list and was happy about what I already had. I tweet regularly and connect with other writers and readers. I use Facebook frequently. I blog several times a week. I've heard of Tumblr and I actually signed up for it 6 months ago...and never used it. I signed back in today and then had to read a "wikihow" page about the best way to use Tumblr. Because I really didn't know what to do with it. Some sites are easier to navigate than others.

I made my first "vlog" (video log) and posted in on my Youtube channel. Once I figure out how to edit in an efficient manner (as in, not taking a hour or two), I'll be able to make the vlogs a bit more concentrated. And edit out my weird comments. Unless people like to see me in my unbridled nerdiness.

How do you use social networking sites? Do you have fun? That's one of my main goals. If it isn't fun, it's likely that it won't be used effectively or often.

Happy networking!


  1. I tweet and Facebook, with the occasional blog post. But I interview authors on PYN. That's a great place to meet other authors!!! Get involved.



  2. Darn, and I thought I'd tackle just one social media site a time!

  3. Unbridled nerdiness is win.
    You're braver than I am, though. I don't like videos.


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