Thursday, July 14, 2011

TLT Authors and Peeps

Did you know that I have the coolest publisher? The Little Things Publishing Co. really does care about the little things. And the big things too. They sign the best authors who are also awesome people! :) 

Here are a few upcoming titles from TLT that are available for preorder (use discount code fffxxx2tlt for 30% off).

Check 'em, follow them on Twitter, follow their blogs.

And we have ALL kinds of genres here. Adventure, epic fantasy, paranormal, general fiction, a touch of romance,  mystery...something for everyone!

DARTBOARD by J.D. Gordon
Release date: September 1, 2011

VALREN by Kerry Castorano
Release date: September 22, 2011
Twitter: @TheValren

Geeta Schrayter's book REACHING RIVERDALE is scheduled to be released September 2011
Twitter: @PrincessGeeta 

Sang Kromah's book CONCEALED is scheduled to release in October 2011.
Twitter: @SangWrites

Paul Schumacher's book LITTLE RED WOLF is set to be released October 2011
Twitter: @PWSchum 

SM Blooding's novel DEMONS ARE JACKASSES is due to be released October 2011
Twitter: @SMBlooding

Other TLT people to follow:

Farrah Penn is my editor and she is fantabulous. Super friendly, professional, and fun! If you want an editor who will take the time to read your work and help you polish it up, check out Farrah.
Twitter: @FarrahWrites

{[Matt Maniscalco Art]} 

Matt made the awesome cover art for my novel. He's a fantastic artist. (Look at my book cover that he did!)

Twitter: @MattManiscalco




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