Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Query Letter

I've been motivated to rewrite my query letter. Again. For the seventh? time.

I wrote my first one and I'm rather embarrassed now to look at it. Rewrote it, sent it to a friend for a critique, wrote it again.

Starting sending out query letters to agents. Several rejections. Times a dozen.

Sent it to an author friend. Revised again. Resent to other agents. Several rejections.

Sent to another author friend. Revised again. Sent it off again. Second verse, same as the first...


Read even more advice about writing query letters. Rewrote. And rewrote. Read more. Rewrote again.


I think.

I really hope this letter is good. I'm very tired of rewriting it. If anyone would care to read my query letter and judge it for me or help me rewrite it AGAIN, I would be very grateful. I'll pay you in a blog shoutout! Or a Twitter shoutout! Or a Facebook shoutout! Exclaim your awesomeness across the social networking airwaves! :-P

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  1. Well I don't know anything about query letters but I will tell you that I'm sitting here with The Seventh Blessing in my hand and loving it!


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