Thursday, January 19, 2017

HWJ: Will You Be Mine?

Hello friends!

It's time for another book from the ladies of HOLIDAYS WITH JANE!

When we first came up with this idea, we decided that we would each take one of Jane Austen's novel (she wrote six and there were six authors*) and write a holiday themed story inspired by the novel that we picked/were assigned.

Our first anthology of short stories was CHRISTMAS CHEER.

After that, readers were asking us, "What holidays are you going to highlight? Is this going on forever?" We answered the first question with:





and our newest....

Book Release is very soon! (I'll keep you posted!)

(Aren't the covers AMAZING?! Thanks to Victoria Austen-Young for such great work!)

The answer to the second question is...we didn't want to "go on forever." There aren't *that* many holidays that are interesting enough to base a story on. (Arbor Day? I don't think so.) It's bittersweet that we're done writing but we have these amazing collections that we can share.

The order that I wrote my stories for HOLIDAYS WITH JANE were:

"Mischief and Mistletoe" (NORTHANGER ABBEY) - HWJ: Christmas Cheer

"Whine and Wineries" (SENSE AND SENSIBILITIES) - HWJ: Spring Fever

"Emma Ever After" (EMMA) - HWJ: Trick or Sweet

"Twice Upon a Sea" (PERSUASION) - HWJ: Summer of Love

"Construction of a Heart" (PRIDE AND PREJUDICE) - HWJ: Thankful Hearts

"Concealed Spark" (MANSFIELD PARK) - HWJ: Will You Be Mine?

I'm going to write about how I approached writing each of these stories next week. Some were easy and some were hard. And one was absolutely horrid during the process but I think hope it was successful.

~~~More about WILL YOU BE MINE? during our book release week extravaganza!~~~

*Kimberly Truesdale contributed to the first three books. Nancy Kelley contributed to the last three books. Jessica Grey, Jennifer Becton, Cecilia Gray, Rebecca M. Fleming, and I contributed to all six collections.


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