Friday, November 14, 2014

Holiday Movie Fest! Hosted by "Holidays With Jane" authors

Ugly Sweater and Christmas Movie Party!

My fellow authors and I all *love* the plethora of cheesy, adorable, super-sacchrine Christmas movies on ABC Family, Hallmark Channel, Netflix, etc. They are somewhat predictable but we really do love them!

And...there are some of us who believe that "Die Hard" is a Christmas movie, so it will be included on the list. We have a plan to have a movie fest between all of us (even though we are separated by many miles!)

Join our online Christmas Party!
Saturday, November 22

We'll wear tacky Christmas sweaters, eat yummy treats, make cute ornaments, and watch sappy movies. Instagram or tweet a pic of yourself wearing your fanciest/tackiest Christmas sweater and you'll be entering into our "12 Days of Christmas Cheer" giveaway! (See Rafflecopter entry form below.) I'll be heading to my local thrift store to find a sweater, preferably with puffy snowmen on it. Or Rudolph with a blinking nose. Whatever I find/make, it will be epically adorable/horrible.

Join us as we live tweet the movies we are watching on the 22nd. (We'll give a countdown on our Facebook page as to when we'll each start a movie. Use #holidayswithjane on your tweets/Instagram so we can see what you're saying.)

Watch your DVDs, TV, DVR, Netflix, Amazon Prime...whatever!

OR!!! You can borrow movies from your local library! Be sure to reserve your copy early.

On Netflix:
"The Mistle-tones"
"Christmas Crush"
"A Christmas Kiss"
"Desperately Seeking Santa"
"Christmas Bounty"
"Christmas Cupid"
"12 Dates of Christmas"
"All I Want For Christmas"
"A Princess For Christmas"

Hallmark Channel:
"One Starry Christmas"
"The Nine Lives of Christmas"
"A Cookie Cutter Christmas"

Amazon Prime Instant Video
"Christmas Crush"

Other movies on our list

"Die Hard"
"If You Believe"
"White Christmas"
"Meet Me In St. Louis" - Judy Garland sings "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"

And, of course, you can purchase a copy of HOLIDAYS WITH JANE: Christmas Cheer and snuggle up with a cup of hot cider (or cocoa or coffee) and visions of Mr. Darcy/Wentworth/Henry Tilney/your fav Austen hero will dance in your head. ;-)

We will be picking winners for the Rafflecopter giveaway below. There will be 12 winners (though possibly more if we have more prizes!). We tried to go with the 12 Days of Christmas song for our theme and threw in some Austenesque fun. If you have a preferred prize, include that in your blog post comment. :)

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  1. What a fun idea! I will definitely try to join in!

    1. Almost forgot...Jane Austen bling would be a great prize to win!!


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