Monday, December 30, 2013

2013: In Review

What happened this year? Thankfully I have blog posts and pictures to help me remember. ;-)

February - I got older. Had a book signing in Fullerton, CA. Went to an Ally Carter signing. Put on an Indiana Jones themed party for my son.

March - Book signing in San Diego, CA.

April - LA Times Festival of Books! Met authors, had a signing, hung out with my friend Gretchen, fun with my husband and kids.

May - Met Eoin Colfer down at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore. Helped with rehearsals for the 4th grade play. Local Author Day at the Fullerton Public Library. Went to NYC for BookExpo America.

June - Met several authors at Mrs. Nelson's Bookstore. Went to San Francisco for signing at Copperfield's Bookstore in Petaluma.

SUMMER - Worked for Eureka Summer Camp - awesomeness! Took a walk with llamas, cooking camp x 2. Was second shooter for the wedding of my college friend.

September - Was a speaker at the Big Orange Book Festival in Orange, CA. Both sons are now in Cub Scouts. Subbing a lot.

October - More subbing. Not much writing. A lot of crafting. Reading. Busy mom stuff.

November - More of the same.

December - Again. Busy. Where did the year go??

2013 was pretty amazing! I've had a great time meeting many new people, read a lot of great books, drank too much coffee, had fun with my kids, and kept the house clean enough to maintain marital happiness. ;-)

Looking forward to 2014 - I've going to attempt to not do what my friend Jessica Grey describes as "over -resolving" in her blog post. I need to make reasonable goals and work to attain those goals. Bite size goals. Once I have those defined, I'll get back to you.

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  1. Busy. Busy. You are definitely treading the author path. I wish you could sub for me.


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