Saturday, December 8, 2012

"Books for Kids" 2013

Hi book loving friends!

My friends Farrah and Britney have an awesome non-profit charity called "Books for Kids." And it seriously is NON-profit. They don't get paid for what they do. Every dollar that is donated to the fund is used to buy books for kids in hospitals. Farrah donates books to the Children's Hospital in Phoenix, AZ and Britney donates books to the Scottish Rite Children's Hospital in Texas. They have done this for the past two years and are continuing on.

How can YOU help? You can make a donation, even as little as a dollar. A dollar can buy a baby book from the Dollar Store! :-) If you have gently used books, you can send them to Farrah and she will take them to the hospital in Phoenix. (The hospital in Texas only accepts new books.) Authors can send bookmarks, signed books, anything to help bring these little ones hope and encouragement. (Can you imagine being in a hospital as a little kid?? So sad...)

Please consider donating to "Books for Kids." It's awesome!

Thank you!


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