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Interview with Author SM Blooding

One of my fellow TLT Publishing authors is SM "Frankie" Blooding. She agreed to my crazy interviewing skills and was nice enough to answer my wacky questions. Frankie's book is coming out October 1 but you can pre-order it now and get 30% off! Such a deal!

Interview Time!

So, your book is Demons are Jackasses.  Give me a little synopsis of it.
 St. Francisville used to be a quiet place. Until three bodies turn up dead with spells carved into their skin. Someone in Louisiana is ritualistically killing people to capture the attention of Detective Paige Ansley.

Dexx, a snarky yet incredibly sexy demon hunter, invites himself along for the chase. He knows she’s the demon talker, even if she doesn’t remember it, and he knows what kind of trouble that means. Especially since she has no idea how to control her gift.
The killer is after a demon’s soul, and who better to get that for him than a broken demon talker?  In order for Paige to save herself, banish the murderer, and save Dexx, she must decide if she’s willing to give up the one thing that can hold everything together. And bring the quiet back to St. Francisville.

When did you start writing it?
 A LONG time ago! LOL! I finished writing it quickly, but I’ve tweaked and re-tweaked and re-re-tweaked it with all of my rejections. It’s been a few years. 

What was your biggest motivator to finish the story?
 I wanted to share it. The plot is to solve the murders and to keep the Gate to Heaven and Hell closed. Awesome and fun. However, the character arc is what motivated me to complete it and share it.
When I started this book, my world had just drastically changed. I…Well, I lost a lot on a personal level; loved ones, emotional aptitude, the ability to stand up for myself, my voice (figurative, not literal). And I thought I was alone. The more I listened to other people, the more I realized there’s a whole big bad world out there filled with people who have faced similar emotional turmoil. Maybe not due to the same actions/events, but on the same level.
I was a mouse. I’d allowed myself to be beaten. I couldn’t talk to others. I wasn’t in a situation where expressing what I felt was a good idea, so I turned to Paige. I said, “Now, Paige, I’m going to break you into a million pieces, and you and I are going to figure out how to A.) put yourself back together and B.) how to stand up for yourself.” To which she gave me the finger and attempted to run very quickly, and while there’s a very wide expanse inside this brain pan of mine, there is an invariable limit – the skull. So I was able to catch her and then…well, beat her up.
I figured that if she could stand up for herself, I could. It’s been a fantastic process. I saved some money on therapy, which, you know, as a writer, that’s a GOOD thing. And I think I have a story worth telling and worth reading.

Who is your favorite character in the story? Why?
 I have *cheesy grin as head disappears into shoulders* a couple in this book. My favorite part of ANY book is the characters, and this one just has an exceptional cast! But! If I had to pick…one…*pained expression* Can I pick two?
Well, I love DEXX! Love him. He was never planned to BE a part of the book. He just barged in. He’s just a wonderfully back-handed character, and he’s so sarcastic. He’s NEVER serious. Like *huge smile* never. We were in the middle of a gun fight (scene), you know, and he’s just so glib as bullets are flying around our proverbial heads , and he’s complaining about the dumbest things. He. Makes. Me. Laugh.
But….I think my most favorite character might be Alma, Paige’s grandmother. Alma’s a character I’ve had in my brain pan (also referred to as the Nut…@_@) for many, many years. I’ve always wanted a book, or a series of books, where she could exist and where I could share her with others. She’s just so…down to earth. Whenever life gets me to going flighty or batty or catty or sideways, I find myself in my mind and in her kitchen. I love her hands. They’re gnarled and calloused and soft. And I love her eyes. When she looks at you, she sees YOU. (I know. Invisible person alert. *eye roll*) And I love her kitchen.
With that said, I am NOT on drugs. Just saying.
Most people would probably put their main character as their favorite, but I get to deal with Paige ALL the time. I don’t get to deal with Dexx or Alma or any of the other supporting characters as often. 

What are your future plans for the book series?
 Ooohhh-hoooooo! Evilness! That’s what! Book 2 takes Paige back to her home in Dallas, and things get CRAZY from there. And in Book 3, we get to see her insane demon-stalker as he “courts” her. *scared chuckle* It’s mildly gross.
Things are just going to get wilder and more intense as we get to see the intricate webbing of Paige’s life, and everyone she’s connected to. 

(Lightning round! First thing that comes to mind!)

Red or Black? Red
Computer or Television? TV
Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla
Humans or Vampires? HUMANS!!!!
Coke or Pepsi? Tea
Noise or Silence? Silence
Batman or Spiderman? Batman
Summer or Winter? Winter
E-mail or Text? Text
Cat or Fish? Cat
Science or English Literature? Science!!!! Muahahahahahaha
Telekinesis or Flying? Telekinesis
Have two bellybuttons or no bellybutton? None
Be a professional tennis player or Be a professional rodeo clown? Rodeo clown
Have a cold or Have the stomach flu? Stomach flu
Skiing or Surfing? Reading a book? At the fire place? There are no broken bones there.

-Other questions of randomness-
Last movie you saw in the theater? Pirates of the Caribbean
Last book you read? Grave Witch
Last book you read that you cried while reading it? Twenty-One and A Half Wishes
If you could dress up as anything, what would it be? A warrior *nods* Oh yeah!
The area of the bookstore you spend the most time in? Fantasy
What did you want to be when you grew up? An AstroBioPhysicist
What is the next place you want to travel to? India…or Texas…Maybe Montana

I hope you all feel that you know Frankie a little bit better. If you want to connect with her, follow her on Twitter (@SMBlooding), "like" her on Facebook: SM Blooding on FB or check out her website (which is super awesome!) at

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  1. Thank you SO much for being my offical first interview of the launch. LOL! You. Are. AWESOME!

    AND I bought your book today!!! I'm soooo excited!! Tehehehe.



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